2014 Election for the Dartmouth College Association of Alumni Executive Committee and Voting on a Proposed Constitutional Amendment

This election ends at 5 PM ET on March 11, 2014
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Privacy and Security Statement

TrueBallot, Inc. (TBI) is conducting this election on behalf of the Association of Alumni of Dartmouth College. For this purpose Dartmouth College has provided the names, addresses, and e-mail addresses of alumni to TBI. TBI has entered into a written agreement with Dartmouth College under which TBI agrees to maintain the confidentiality and security of alumni information provided to TBI and to return or destroy all such information at the conclusion of the election. TBI will collect and report to the association aggregated information on voting patterns for the purpose of enabling the association to understand voter participation, but such information will not disclose how any individual alumnus or alumna has voted.

For questions or issues, you may contact the Dartmouth Office of Alumni
Relations at:

email: dartmouth.alumni.relations@dartmouth.edu

phone: (603) 646- 3929

Alumni Relations does not sell, share, rent, or otherwise disclose personally identifiable information except to organizations engaged to provide services to or engage in authorized activities on behalf of Alumni Relations. In all instances, any outside organization, by contract, is prohibited from using the personally identifiable information for any purpose other than the authorized Dartmouth activity and is required to keep such information confidential.